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Stand O’Food 3

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Fun Factor:★★★☆☆ 

Since I did reviews for both Stand O’Food 2 and Stand O’Food, when I saw that another of these games was out, I was a bit put out, but since I have done the first two, it made sense to review Stand O’Food 3. I was pleasantly surprised by this game. The gameplay is much smoother, and the game itself takes you to where you supposed to go after finishing a phase, instead making you backtrack through older areas like the other two games did. We have the same stacking tracks, but the addons, like the snacks, coffee, and sodas are quicker to serve, and “Ronnie” takes them directly to whomever they are supposed to go to, instead of making us guess, so we can focus on building the sandwiches, lasagne, desserts, or whatever stand we happen to be running in at the time. The customers still really don’t seem to have much personality, and even though we only see them for a few seconds, we often see the same people. It is not unlike watching those old rotating cells from “The Jetsons”, when they would show the same people moving over and over again on the moving sidewalks as George or Jane did some kind of TV interview. Even our main character, Ronnie, is still needs to develop more of a personality. One would think that after three installments, Ronnie might be doing something else by now, but still this game is much better than its prequels.