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Diner Dash

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FunFactor: ★★★★☆ 

Today we go back to the classic time management game that pretty much got us all addicted to casual games in the first place. Join Flo once again for the original Diner Dash! The graphics were simple, the gameplay addictive, but frustrating at times, but your curiosity kept you wanting to play to see what would come next. Go from the simplest, most basic of diners to a Hindi-themed restaurant where Flo is given the magical ability to float about like Shiva and give extra arms like Kali, making her one of the most efficient waitresses ever. This is as classic as it gets, and it never seems to grow old. Diner Dash has spawned at least 10 sequels and spin-offs, and is one of the top selling downloadable games of all time. I’m really surprised that Flo and Dinertown haven’t gotten their own cartoon show on Cartoon Network or Toon Disney yet.
The latest edition in the Diner Dash family of games is Garden Dash, which features Barb, the workaholic businesswoman whom we meet here in when Flo opens up her second restaurant, a Tiki room. Diner Dash even gave us a Hidden Object mystery game, in which another customer from Diner Dash 2, the bookworm, opens his own detective agency. One wonders how many tangents Diner Dash can go on. With as many sequels that have come out, sometimes it is good to go a little retro with Flo, and remember where it all came from.