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Sniglet of the Day : June 20

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Sniglet Of The DayPoufulation n. When a cat gets scared and puff out their tails.

Cats have this ability to be scary and pathetic at the same time. Poufulation is supposed to be a scare tactic to fend off those things that might be chasing them or after them, but once they run from the dog or huge chicken or whatever spooked them, they have this poofy tail behind them that is just sort of out of synch with the rest of their bodies. As if they aren’t pathetic enough on their own doing their own little silly things like getting stuck in trees or falling off counters and desks they are not supposed to be up on anyway. Add poufulation to their actions, and you’ve got a pretty funny looking cat. Short-hairs stuck in poufulation mode are even funnier to see than long-hair cats, because that poofy tail won’t deflate itself right away, and just looks so odd and goofy with the rest of that sleek body. It sort of makes us wonder about what happens when those hairless cats get scared. There is nothing to poufulate, but that won’t stop a Sphinx cat from running up into a tree and hissing back at the thing that spooked them. Just add poufulation to another of the many silly things cats can do to keep us humans who love them entertained.