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Sniglet of the Day : May 4

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Sniglet Of The Daycalbliterate (kal-blit’i-rayt’) a. ( To toy with something until it no longer works or is much worse than it originally was.

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” We’ve all heard that, but for some reason we all want to improve on or upgrade things to make them more efficient, but to calbliterate an object or device until it is no longer useful or recognizable is more common than we would think. This can happen with anything, from cars to computer, just about anything one can easily access spare parts for. Some people are great at tinkering, and are the ones who create progress by heeding the call of Mother Necessity, but then there are the rest of us who really should not be tinkering with things we don’t understand, thus causing calbliterateration of such items. To tinker with something so much that it causes it to calbliterate is also very dangerous, especially when working with things that are electrical or flammable in nature. Leave the tinkering to the professionals, and there will be much less calbliterateration going on, less explosions, and less injuries caused by stupidity. After all, no matter how we look at it, stupidity is the number one cause of death. Try not to add to the numbers. Those professional tinkerers, they know what they are doing.

Sniglet of the Day : March 10

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Sniglet Of The DayPowsdie (pouz dye) n. that time when suddenly, the power supply on your computer or electronic devices just dies.

There cannot be anything more untimely or irritating than a powsdie. You might be typing or texting along. You hear what might be a very audible POP! or bleep, or some other version, and then…. nothing. The blasted machine has completely flatlined and cannot, for anything be revived without replacing its very heavy and hot electronic heart. Powsdies usually occur at the worst of times, like when setting up a presentation for work, or a report for school, or when you might be landing that killing blow on the end boss in your favourite MMO. You just never know when the technology gods are going to call back one of their own, but it is pleasing to know that you can have that particular machine up and running again as soon as you order the part and it ships to you, if you are patient enough to wait those 3-5 days. If you are really desparate, you can cannibalise another computer, or you could just call Geek Squad to bring a part to you. I’m sure those on-call techies have had plenty of powsdies of their own to deal with. Even in writing last night’s sniglet, a powsdie occured at the author’s home. Blessed be for extra machines. No need to call the Geek Squad on this one. Powsdies are always a surprise, so best be ready when they do happen. Keep those spare parts handy, and hope you know someone, if not yourself that can bring your machine back to life quickly and cost-effectively.