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What Is Blogspam – A Musing Perspective

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What is blogspam? You ask that question of 12 people and you are sure to get 14 different answers. People answering that question can get rather Asuran about it, hence 14 out of 12. The point is that they really don’t know most of the time what spam is. We know that when we get unwanted email that it is spam. It has no worth and it is just clogging up our mail box as we look for what it is that we really want to see. That is email spam and we would all like to see it go away and never return, a wonderful pipe dream there. So what is spam in a blog? Technically it is the posting or discrimination of other peoples work for the express purpose of gaining traffic and clicks on ads. Blog spam is also what is also known as a circle jerk site. This sites you mostly see riddled with porn advertisements or warez sites. Those can be deadly to your computer and is some of the worst spam you will run across.