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Surviving Mars: One Drone At A Time

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Surviving Mars: One Drone At A Time

Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

The game Surviving Mars is one that is both addictive and can be hard as hell at the same time. You would think building a colony on Mars would be easier than what you have to do in this game. Even the easy start part of the game can become quite challenging rather quickly. Making sure you have metals, oxygen, water and more will keep you looking for more. Even with the slow pace of the game you can quickly become overwhelmed with what happens in the game.

Surviving Mars is somewhat unique to other RTS type games that I have played in the past. It has some elements from greats like Civilization and elements from Colonization and others where you are able to get supplies and people from Earth. It blends all of these elements together quite well as you research and build your way to a successful colony on Mars.