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Orphen: Scion of Sorcery

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orphenOrphen: Scion of Sorcery takes after the anime series Orphen. This is the first PlayStation2 game released on to the PlayStation2. When we got the PlayStation2, it was when it first came out. We had gotten two games. One was Ridge Racer V and the other was Orphen: Scion of Sorcery. We had gotten Orphen: Scion of Sorcery because we watched the anime series. We went to Toys R Us and saw the game over there. We saw it on sale, and snatched it up.

This is all about a Sorcerer named Orphen and his friends, Clio and Apprentice Sorcerer, Majik, as they are going on a tip to Arvanrama, but a little man named Volcan was tricking Orphen and his friends get on the wrong boat. They were on the boat for awhile, but then a monster that came out of nowhere and destroyed the boat. Orphen, his friends, and three other travelers they meet are Sephy, Zeus, and Mar are now on an island, Chaos Island. The island are full of monsters and other dangerous traps. It up to them get off the island before the evil happens.

Doctor Strange The Sorcerer Supreme (2007)

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This straight to video film from Animated Marvel Features is one hell of a ride. It brings to life the comic book hero and updates the look to get a whole new generation hooked on the good doctor. It really does a good job of showing just how Doctor Steven Strange becomes the Sorcerer Supreme at a time when the world needs one most. The plot has been tweaked and streamlined from the comics and done is a way that gives it more drama and flair then what just plain pictures in a comic can give. You are able to see and feel the struggles and challenges that he must face to finally be free of his pain. While it might not follow the comic cell by cell it does it honor in the way that it was put together for this animated film.

For Love Of Evil

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This is book 6 of Incarnations of Immortality series by Piers Anthony and is the story of Satan himself and his centuries long interaction with all of the other incarnates, even with the gods of old. Perry is the child of a peasant that is abducted by the lord of the manor and forced to be the son of a sorcerer. It is the raising of his youth and the tragedies of his life that make it possible for him to actually save all of mankind from total chaos. The only thing is is that he and the other Incarnations do not know it yet. It will take centuries for him to piece it all together and figure it out before he can truly love once again.

It is near the end of the 12th century and there is a horrible drought upon the land and nothing seems to be able to stop it. The area needs rain and not any prayer or wishing is helping at all. The lord of the land needs to find a way to make sure that the crops grow or both he and his peasants are going to starve to death before any help might find them.