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Sniglet of the Day : February 4

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Sniglet Of The DaySnackmosphere (snak’ moh sfeer) – n. The empty but explosive layer of air at the top of a potato chip bag.

“This product is sold by weight, not volume. Some settling might occur will shipping” We see that on every bag of salty snacks, but we never realise how much fun or dangerous that gaseous space made by the settling can be. Kids who bring their lunches to school take advantage of that space, and squeeze their fun size snack bags till they pop loudly across the school cafeteria. Many times this causes a shower of chips, pretzels, cheeze doodles, or whatever they might have. To get an even louder explosion, some people take advantage of the larger bags at picnics and barbeques, but the effect is very much the same. There are new problems with releasing the Snackmosphere in social settings. Angry mothers who will fuss at you about the mess, and angrier grandmothers who will fuss at you about food waste. The family pets don’t care for the noise, but they love the outcome. Salty noms on the ground for everyone! Come on, Spike! Get over here, Muffy! Check it out, Puff! The humans were being stupid again, and we get the goodies! Releasing the snackmosphere can be funny, but the outcome is usually not quite as good as it should be.