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Sniglet of the Day : July 17

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Sniglet Of The DayStrainacharge (stray-nuh-chahrj) n. The annoyance of when you can’t connect your charger to your phone.

So you hear that little boop-boop sound that indicates your cell phone’s battery is low, and your charger is at the house, and some of us just don’t use car phone chargers. What are you going to do till you get back to that little charger? Stew in your strainacharge until then. At least you only hear the sound once, and if you are a person with a small social circle, you might not miss many calls, but to those who have a circle that just gets bigger and bigger through social media and texting… stew in your strainacharge. What could be so important that it cannot wait out the ride home and the small amount of time it takes to bring that little phone back to life? Being a middle-aged person in a small Southern town, maybe my perspective is a little narrow, but I am sure the strainacharge affects millions who are addicted to their social media every day. I’m not sure what I might be missing out on, but the strainacharge sure doesn’t affect me.

Comments about : School Enforces Social Media Ban for a Week

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These are the comments that I just left over at WPN Videos : You should check it out. Quite interesting and bravo for the dean of the school

I just got my very first Twitter account this week and there is no way I will ever be getting a FaceBook account. Getting an account there just sounds way to scary. I am 46 and build websites and I actually download my email and not look at them though a browser. By most eKids I am sure they would view me as a dino as far as the net goes, even though I have been involved with it in some way since 1996 and even before that I ran a BBS, which most of the eKids would not even know what was. Ahh the days of 48 baud and the sound that the modem made and the glee of watching a 50k image show up on your screen literally pixel by pixel to see what it was.