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Sniglet of the Day : July 14

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Sniglet Of The DayWheelberg (wheel-burg) n. A large lump of ice that builds up behind a car wheel when it is driven through snow.

For those of you who have just about had it with all this heat, especially those in the Mid and Southwest where temps have been topping in the triple digits, here’s a wintry sniglet for you to remember those cold and snowy days of January. Many of you lucky Northerners might remember getting those wheelbergs under your rear fenders as you drove to work on icy streets and back down your snow-ridden driveways, but still it was so cold and felt so good, right? Now, us Southerners really don’t have to deal with wheelbergs, but we do get our share of mud buildups when all that wintry rain we get turns our soil and sand, but it will never really match the sheer volume in size to a wheelberg that is sculpted by cold air, water, and the speed of a car, SUV, or truck traveling down the icy roads north of the Mason/Dixon Line, no that’s not quite accurate, because wheelbergs can be created on the roads of even some states in the Deep South and even the desert Southwest if there is snow to work with. So, remember those wheelbergs, the sledding, the skiing, and the snowdays of six months ago. you’ll cool right off!