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Sniglet of the Day : June 4

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Sniglet Of The Day flowfright (FLO frite) – n. The desperate attempt by a homeowner to talk his overflowing toilet into backing down

Sometimes plumbing problems happen, and toilet problems are the worst. This is when flowfright occurs. One flush… nothing. two flushes… OMG! It’s alive! At that time the homeowner will say whatever he or she can to stop what is about to happen in any kind of way. Sweet nothings, angry curses, anything to keep that water and other waste matter from surging upwards and spilling all over the bathroom floor. Could see how this could happen, because who would want to clean up that? The logical thing to do is grab a plunger and stop the upflow before it starts, but for some reason, many people think they can reason with this thing that can’t really hear them. Flowfright makes homeowners say some pretty crazy things, and if anyone happens to be listening in, flowfright might turn into something else which there hasn’t been a sniglet created for yet. Logic just flies out the bathroom window when flowfright comes in its place, and, thankfully, many toilets do not spout off like Old Faithful. To keep them from doing this, keep your pipes clear, and don’t let little kids drop their toys down there. It could really ruin what could have been a great weekend.

Sniglet of the Day : May 18

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Sniglet Of The DayPEDLOCK (ped’ lahk) n. The condition of a bicycle pedal wedging itself against your leg.

Another term for pedlock is “Ow! Dammit!” Not only are pedlocks inconvenient, they hurt! Hurt very much, especially if your bike has those pedals with the little studs on the outside for better traction. All the traction aid in the world is not going to help if your foot slips off the pedal. Pedlocks can range from slightly aggravating to downright dangerous in certain situations. A kid on concrete street might end up sprawling in the grass off the curb and go home crying with skinned knees, but pedlock could also happen to an extreme mountain biker, and when coming down that forested hillside, that tumble might not ever end. Pedlocks are something to think seriously about if bicycles are your prime mode of recreational transportation. They could be avoided by using those little foot cages, which I’m sure there is a sniglet for, but haven’t found it yet, that you can slip your foot into. Pedlocks can also leave nasty bruises and worse, bloody dents in your shin. They are really nothing to laugh at, but if you do witness your enemy caught in a pedlock, an evil snicker might be worth the effort.

Sniglet of the Day : March 19

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Sniglet Of The DayZEBRALANE (zee’ bruh layn) n. The striped area between the interstate and the turnoff lane where cars go when drivers can’t decide what to do next.

We all know that the zebralane was put there as a safety zone. In a parking lot, it’s the one place you are not supposed to park but on the interstate, aside from the median and those traffic jams when everyone turns the road into the world’s longest temporary parking lot, it’s about the only place you can go, if it is not blocked by giant yellow garbage cans filled with water (I’m sure there is a sniglet for these, but I have not found it yet.) The zebralane is sort of a safety net, too. A place to go when your car breaks down, or when you get lost. Is this your exit? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe that GPS is having a fit, or maybe you are one of those retro-style drivers who actually uses maps and is accordianated. No matter how you drive, or how you may use it, it’s not a good place to hang out for very long, because you never know when some big semi-truck might come by and want to use it for the same purpose. Safety zone? Not so much any more.

Sniglet of the Day : March 7

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Sniglet Of The DayOreosis (awr ee oh’ sis) – n. The practice of eating the cream center of an Oreo before eating the cookie outsides.

What simple chocolatey and sweet goodness is an Oreo cookie! This American icon was created by the National Biscuit Company back in 1912, and people have been practicing Oreosis ever since. Since then, Oreos have come in many different colours and even flavours for the seasons and holidays. There was even one stretch when they made an Oreo that turned the milk you dipped them into blue, but that is a different kind of Oreo tradition. A different sniglet for a different day. How Oreosis became a cookie-eating ritual is a mystery, but it is not only done with Oreos, but other kinds of sandwich cookies, where you just need to get to that buttercreme filling first. Hydrox, Do-si-Dos, and other Oreo clones are variations thereof are still eaten using the Oreosis method. DoubleStuf Oreos are especially fun, because with all that sugary filling, you get double the sugar rush, but there are not as many to use Oreosis on in a standard bag due to their larger size. Just about anyone has the skill to use Oreosis, but little ones might need a bit of guidance to get the cookies separated without breaking the creme middles. Older brothers and sisters, it is up to you to guide them properly, because once they get older, then you can indulge in Oreosis racing. This will in turn create a familywide sugar rush, and may the Gods help the parents of these hyped-up kids. They are going to need it.

Sniglet of the Day : February 23

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Sniglet Of The Day T’otchlie – The notch marked on condiment packets that reads “TEAR HERE”, but never works when you try to rip them.

Earlier this week, we posted the sniglet “frustra“, and now we have a by-product of frustra, the t’otchlie. This is one of the most aggravating parts of a fast food dining experience. Sure, there is a little thing on that packet that reads “TEAR HERE”, but once you do that, you still end up mangling that little ketchup packet till it is fubar, and go for the neatly packaged ranch sauce instead. Who wouldn’t? Ranch is great on just about anything. So is challenging that little t’otchlie worth it to get to the most-likely-bad-for-you-anyway, laden with MSG and HFCS stuff inside it anyway? Many of those who think that fries are just something to pick ketchup with think so.
T’otchlies not only are on condiment packets, but also pre-measured coffee packets, as many people who work in, well just about any business that offers free coffee to their employees, will have to deal with. T’otchlie is pretty much the bane of convenience in little 1-8 ounce packets, and those packets are most often made from frustra. So to those of you who know the secret to getting around the t’otchlie, share it with us, or just continue laughing at us when we finally do get those packets open and manage to get ketchup on just about anything but our french fries.