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Sniglet of the Day : June 16

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Sniglet Of The DayRubbage (rub’ bij) n. – Large pieces of truck tire found on the side of the road.

There are many different kinds of roadkill, but a the kind we see most often is rubbage. Rubbage is those dead tires we see all over the interstates, usually they come off of 18-wheelers, so when the driver loses a tire to the highway, he or she doesn’t seem to feel that much of an impact, except in his or her wallet. There is other kinds of rubbage, too, from cars or Stupid Ugly Vehicles, but the debris those leave is minimal compared to the rubbage found left behind by trucks. Try and go twenty miles down your local interstate without seeing some of this mess along the way. It is near well impossible, and you most likely at the very, very least one occurrence of rubbage along the way. There will most likely be many more, though. If you are driving along in a small car, do your best to avoid those strips of rubbery debris, or what is left of those steel-belted radials might make your own steel-belted radials become the same kind of rubbage. It is summer, and when the air temperature is reaching over 100 degrees, you can be sure that the blacktop has to be far hotter than that. Blazing hot road and RPM friction can cause a blow out running with worn tires at over 70 MPH. Be alert, and keep your own tires inflated properly. That rubbage out there could have been your own.