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Aliens : This time there’s more.

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Aliens is a James Cameron film. This is the best alien films of all the Alien series. The one who is playing the main character is named Ellen Ripley and played in all four of the Alien movies and played in Avatar and is Sigourney Weaver. Carrie Henn played the little girl and little girl name is Newt. Lance Henriksen is playing the Robot and He was on Alien vs. Predator. This movie is all about a woman named Ellen Ripley having bad nightmares about a alien popping out of her chest.

So, now join a batch of solders are sent to kill the aliens once and for all. When the first time I watched this movie I said, “Wow!” That coolest movie I have ever seen. I like when the soldiers were shooting up all those aliens. I liked when Ripley was fighting the Queen Alien. I liked when she was shooting up the Queen’s egg sack, and I liked when she was burning up those eggs. Those eggs are pretty dangerous. This movie does not have predators in it. I know some people want to see predators fighting the aliens, but this is not Alien vs. Predator. This is Aliens, just Aliens. This movie was came out around ’86. So, it is a 80’s movie, but really good 80’s movie.

Avatar (2009) Return to Pandora

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This film when it was released was ground breaking with its special effects and artistry. Artistry in that many of the landscapes almost seemed painted and anyone who has ever play Guild Wars, especially in the Tarnished Coast region, will see many of the areas in the film. Some of the concept artists worked on both the film and the game and you can see it. For those that are Guild Wars fans you get to see the plants and the landscapes come to life in ways that you only dreamed and gives you a sense of how it all works together. Games aside the film is about 2 cultures clashing and the tensions that arise from it.

Alien : In space no one can hear you scream

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The film that scared audiences and home viewers for years is also the first serious science fiction world from world renowned director Ridley Scott. It was ground breaking for its time and is still thrilling people even now. It is one of those iconic films that will stick in your hear forever. No one who has seen the film can forget the scene where the Alien first shows itself or when the facehugger first attached itself to crewman Kane (John Hurt) after they found the huge massive ship on the deserted planet. This film is attracting new viewers all the time.

Ghostbusters (1984) We’re Ready To Believe You

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All is quiet in New York City, or is it? An elderly librarian (Alice Drummond) is about to be scared witless by an even more elderly apparition, a ghost. Not knowing what to do the library calls the university for some help. This is how the movie starts and it keeps you totally engaged in the film till the very end. You have the straight man Egon Spengler, the clueless spook chaser and fantasizer Raymond Stantz and the womanizer and sleaze Peter Venkman.

Galaxy Quest (1999)

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Galaxy Quest has to be my most favorite parody and spoof of Star Trek ever. This film features the talents of Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman, Tony Shalhoub, Daryl Mitchell and Justin Long. Director Dean Parisot must have had some real fun when he was filming this one with a cast like this.

Its about 20 years after a somewhat popular scifi show had been canceled but the show still has fans. The cast of the show now plays the con circuit and living off of the patronage of the fans as well as promotionals when they can get them. Some go with the flow while others just want to whine and complain, just like the robot from Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, Marvin. Just realized that Alan did the voice for that ‘bot, guess we know where they got the idea to use him from.