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G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra : Evil Never Looked So Good

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Yet another Hasbro toy-based movie made it to the big screen. In 2009, we were given the legendary G.I. Joe, but on a much bigger scale than any small screen animation company could have given us back in the late 1970s or early 1980s. The “Global Infiltration Joint Operations Executions” team is huge, and filled with all kinds of gadgets and hidden in places no one would ever think of looking. But let let’s get to where the whole thing started, and look at a little bit of unwritten history from about three hundred fifty years ago.

Back in 1641, a two-faced Scotsman, Jame McCullen (David Murray) was building an arms-dealing empire by selling guns and cannons to the French and their enemies during the reign of Louis XIII. The thing is, the French caught him, and they are going to make an example of him. No, he is not to be executed, but he is to wear a mask of iron to the end of his days to be an example to others whom might consider double-dealing in arms trade. This mask cannot be removed, as it has been fused to his body in tortuously painful punishment, but that will not stop the McCullen clan from becoming the biggest global arms manufacturers hundreds of year later.

Stardust (2007) Adventure and Romance is Just Over The Wall

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In a little town of Wall in England there is a wall with a crack in it. No one ever goes through it and it is guarded night and day so that no one can get through. No one really knows why that is, it has just been that way for years and years beyond the towns memory. One night a young man takes an adventure and slips past the guard (David Kelly) to see what might be there. On the other side were wonders to behold and a woman, Una (Kate Magowan) who is more beautiful then he ever imagined. That one nights tryst would change his life and the life of his family forever. The woman is very special, more special then he could ever imagine and she and him are destined to save a star and a kingdom with their love that night. This may be a fantasy film but it also a love story as well of 2 men and the women that they would spend the rest of their lives with.