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Sniglet of the Day : January 9

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Hydrofrigiblast (hai-dro-fri-juh-bl├Žst) n. The sudden onset of arctic water flowing through your showerhead when Mom decides to engage the hot water cycle on the washer and/or dishwasher. This condition invariably happens moments after you have reached a relaxing temperature in your shower. Antonym: Thermalophobia.

Beware when people in your household are out of view when you hop into the shower. Even though Norman Bates might not live close by, you can still get the jolt of your life when someone turns on the hot water in another part of the house, leaving you with the feeling that you have just been transported within your shower to an iceberg. Teeth will chatter, and goosebumps will rise up, usually while there is shampoo dripping into your eyes. Eventually, the temperature of the water will get back to normal, but by then you’ll wonder if you even want to continue. There is an even greater danger lurking within the bathroom. Thermalophobia occurs when the toilet in that room is flushed and you’ll be transported into a Yellowstone geyser. All you wanted to do was get clean, and it seems like everyone and everything is trying to sabotage your shower. You’ll think it was the worst ten minutes of your life, and guess what! You get to do it all over again tomorrow!