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Sniglet of the Day : March 26

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Sniglet Of The Day DASHO (da’ show)n. The area between a car’s windshield and dashboard, where coins, pencils, etc cannot be humanly retrieved.

We don’t know how all that stuff gets in the dasho, but the only thing that might have a chance at getting all those dusty things out of there might be a shopvac. If that does work, then you most likely won’t want those items anyway. It seems the things that end in the dasho are mostly pennies, but some other kinds of things get caught in there, candy wrappers, pencils, cough drops, pixie stix, sugar packets, etc…. With travelling, there comes those times when the driver is going to hit those brakes pretty hard sometimes. This is usually what moves things into the dasho, when you might have had some sugar set up there to mix into that morning fast food coffee. Dasho items tend to be small and thin, but sometimes they are organic in nature, like bug carapaces or maple seeds. You just never know what might end up in the dasho. It is not recommended to try to experiment on what goes into the dasho, because it will accumulate items on its own in its own good time. Keep a Dustbuster handy when travelling, because you never know when those Cheerios your toddler is nomming on might end up in there, or when a honeybee will get lost in your car.