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Sniglet of the Day: January 5

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Sniglet Of The DaySharpict (shahr-pict) n. A person addicted to smelling Sharpies.

By now, many of us have gone back to work, and some maybe back to school after the holiday break, and we are constantly surrounded by hordes of office supplies. This is a paradise to the sharpict. To them, there is nothing like the scent of a Sharpie laundry marker. Those whom are sharpicts know that there is much more to these than merely writing on t-shirts. Then again, just about any permanent marker has a scent that most of us just can’t get enough of. Some hardbound books have that newly printed ink scent that can last for years, even decades, and let’s not even go there with those retro mimeographed quizzes we took in math class. The scent of newly tumbled test sheets was so lovely, that it was amazing that we could concentrate on those equations. Newly photocopied test sheets just aren’t the same, and if you were the teacher’s aide that was lucky enough to help out while she made those ditto sheets, you’d be in a chemical heaven all afternoon. Now, Sharpies are not the same as newly bound books or ditto sheets, but they still have a scent that most everyone loves. Sometimes we wonder why a trip to a local office supply store seems so satisfying and fascinating. Now we know, but this also leaves us to wonder if the staff working at these stores get the same inky chemical rush all day long that we encounter in the short time that we are there.