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Sharknado : Enough said!

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20_cannes4 As I was driving along this afternoon, listening to Paco on Panama City’s 97X, Paco made mention about a movie that was on Syfy last week that had suddenly made social media go wild. As it turns out, Syfy was runnning an encore of it tonight, and I got my chance to see Sharknado.

The story starts in the Pacific fishing grounds, where the unscrupulous Captain Carlos Santtiago (Israel Sáez de Miguel) is trying to unload some shark fins to a buyer, Mr. Palmer (Marcus Choi), whom is just as unscrupulous. The two come to an impasse of guns and money after Palmer gets a sample of shark fin soup. suddenly the winds blow up, and soon the fishing boat is awash with spray and waves from an unusual hurricane that is coming up the Pacific Coast from Mexico. Along with all those huge waves are sharks that soon devour the crew, and the unlucky Mr. Palmer.

Finding Nemo : There are 3.7 trillion fish in the ocean, they’re looking for one.

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Finding Nemo came out at a time when Pixar just couldn’t be beat, even though it was having lots of good competition from other computer animation companies. This fish tale came surfing in on a high wave of the success of Monsters, Inc. We all thought it just couldn’t get any better as far as family movies go, and then Pixar wowed us again with this amazing fish story.

A clown fish, Marlin (Albert Brooks), and his mate, Coral (Elizabeth Perkins), have set up the perfect nest for their brood in a patch of sea anemones with a small cave underneath. This is a home with a view to the open ocean, but Marlin feels safe with the stinging anemones to keep him, Coral, and their over four hundred little roes to hide them from predators. Sadly, having such a great view will not always keep the big fish out, and when a nasty predator comes calling suddenly all of Marlin’s efforts to keep Coral and the little ones safe fall flat as he is knocked out cold. When he wakes up, he finds Coral and all but one of the eggs gone. he makes a promise to keep the little fish safe always. This last little fish is his son, Nemo (Alexander Gould).