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FunFactor: ★★★★★ 

The one thing I really liked about Chocolatier was that I could play it at my own pace, and still see amazing results. In this game, it is not about how fast you can make the candies, or how many customers you serve, but taking on new tasks while learning the trade of the fine chocolates industry in the 1880s. You start as an apprentice to Evangeline Baumeister, the current matron of the Baumeister Chocolate Company, and she sets you up with cocoa beans and assignments to get you going and get you in the field. And what a field it is. Chocolatier takes you all over the world to ports in Latin America, Africa, and Asia, and you set up factories in the US, Europe, and, well just about everywhere. Anywhere fine cocoa beans grow is your domain. The trick to doing well in this game is to stock up huge on basic ingredients needed in your common candies. The more exotic ingredients and specially grown cocoa beans are used in some assignments. You will meet well wishers, shady characters, and people who will give you new recipes in exchange for specially made candies. Go from making basic chocolate bars to infusions and decadent truffles. It’s a game you can enjoy leisurely, and won’t cause an eye strain by having to follow little characters around the screen or hunting down hidden objects. You could even nom down a box of chocolates while playing, if it gets you to craving them. Go indulge in Chocolatier right away!