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Ninja : A Silent Warrior A Lethal Mission

This entry was posted in Action, Crime, Drama, Martial Arts, Thriller by Cleave on

I will be honest, when this video was first given to me to review I thought it would be nothing more then a blood fest of gore and dismemberment. I was pleasantly surprised by this film as it actually had a plot, even if it was from Nu Image. It actually had a good plot, it had a solid foundation and beginning that moved smoothly through the various stages of story telling. True, it did have some anime style blood splattering in it but that was not its focus. The focus of the film was that of 2 men who were raised almost like brothers having to learn from one another and at the same time fight each other. A classic good versus bad in this film and even a love interest thrown in to soften its edges. Director Isaac Florentine did a great job with this film.