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Sniglet of the Day : January 18

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Flotta Factor (flah’ ta fak’ tur) – n. The proven scientific fact that at a self-service pump, the last ten cents take longer to reach the tank than the first twelve dollars’ worth.

No matter what season, the flotta factor kicks in, no matter where you are in this big land of ours. Some people try to drain every drop from that gasoline hose, and it they must be very patient to get that last ten cents in. Some get close enough to the planned $20 in 60 seconds flat to get to the $19.90 mark and figure, “Meh… so the C-store owner gets an extra ten cents from me.” Not exactly sure who is who out there when it comes to these gas-pumping techniques, but be sure, as long as we have self service as a standard now, that last ten cents will always take forever to get into your tank. Yes, I do miss the full service days when gas $.50 a gallon and the mingling scents of glass cleaner and fresh petroleum products in the air, and we’ll never see such things again. At least thinking on that nostalgia will give you something to do while you wait for that last ten cents to get into your tank. Far too much time has been wasted on the roads thanks to the Flotta Factor.