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Escape from Thunder Island

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Fun Factor:★★★☆☆ 

While this dead average game has its perk, I felt as though I was playing in and interactive Saturday morning cartoon adventure show from the 1970s. Hanna Barbera’s shows had many of us glued to the set back then, and this game even had some similarities to Hong Kong Phooey, where the hero’s pet kept getting him out a jam.

In this tale, a young aviatrix, Rita James, has gone on a search and rescue mission to find her lost archaeologist father and his team. She flies down to the Caribbean, and her plane crashes due to mysterious forces. Her trusty mechanic, Sebastian, gets right to work on fixing things, while she goes to hunt for the team. This island was once a thriving Mayan-like community, and along the way we help Rita and her monkey, Marbles, hunt for puzzle pieces to open unusual locks, and spring traps. She finds betrayal in her father’s colleague, and not only hunt for her dad, but looks to take this shady dude down. While we are still looking for hidden object in puzzle filled with useless and sometimes microscopic items, I felt I would have been better off escaping to this Thunder Island instead: