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Planet 51: Right stuff. Wrong planet.

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With a cute bit of cultural turnaround, Sony Pictures takes us to Planet 51. To the very cute green people of Planet 51, they are living the dream in their own version of the 1950s, driving around in bubble-shaped hover cars, listening to Doo-wop music, and having cookouts on their lawns. It’s all very much a Jetsons kind of world, but it isn’t ours. With the 1950s, came lots of paranoia, and our own North American culture was rather xenophobic, and now we get to see how silly we were back then by looking through alien eyes.

Our focus is on one particular alien teenager, Lem (Justin Long). He’s a bright kid, sort of awkward. He has a crush on the girl next door, Neera (Jessica Biel), and is working part-time at the local planetarium while pursuing his dreams to become an astronomer. His best buddies are his nerdy friend, Skiff, (Seann William Scott) and his little brother, Eckle (Freddie Benedict). Right now his biggest challenges in life are getting Neera to notice him, making sure the resident town hippie, Glar (Alan Marriott) stays away from Neera, and keeping the elementary school kids interested when they come to the planetarium on their field trips. What he does not know is that the biggest thing to ever hit his planet is about to take over his existence.

Evolution (2001)

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On a dark and dry desert night Nevada is about to get some new residents. This fill is funny all the way though and will keep you laughing all the way to the end. The wackiness of this film will have you smiling for days as you remember all the fun you had watching it. You have the talents of David Duchovny as Ira Kane, a former military scientist turned college professor who desperately want to get out of where he is and on to something big and exciting. You have Julianne Moore as Allison Reed who works for the EPA and has some real issues and never seems to be wearing the right clothes for the job. Then there is Orlando Jones as Harry Block that coaches the women’s volleyball team and teaches Geology at the same college Ira instructs at. These three keep falling into comedic moments that have you laughing and wondering just what is going to happen next.