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Sniglet of the Day : April 25

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Sniglet Of The Day Flying Spinnerov – n. any small screw-on cap to a bottle of jug that, when trying to recap the bottle or jog with it, does a spinning dance around the top, then spins off in some unknown direction, and you hope that it landed face-up.

Flying spinnerovs are not uncommon, and most likely were created by imps that had invaded some plastics manufacturing plant. These little lids must be possessed, because, even though there is no room for a brain in their little colourful bodies, they do have a mind of their own. Usually they do their nastiest deeds while you are driving, and attempting to cap that little 20 oz bottle of water or soda. The cap will usually spin off, and land at your feet while you are driving, then you just have to hold the uncapped bottle until you reach a place to park, or at the very least, a red light. At home, flying spinnerovs usually consists of caps to large juice bottles or milk jugs. If you own a cat, and a flying spinnerov gets loose, then you might be very lucky if you can find it again. Most likely the cat will get to the flying spinnrov before you find it. If you do find it, and it is face up, know that you have defeated the imps in their naughty little game, but be wary. Another flying spnnerov will be lurking again soon.