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Fun Factor:★★★☆☆ 

It is amazing how Hasbro keeps bringing these classic games to life by making the available for the PC. Now, we have the original Scrabble, with the letter tiles with the little numbers on them, and that crossword board with the pink, red, blue, and cyan squares that boost your scores when your word is placed on them.

While I love the old Scrabble games I’d play with the family, and we even had the Scrabble dictionary, since my grandmother was such a big fan of the game, I found playing against a computer rather than a real person to be sort of cold and not really as much fun. I did like the “Best Word” feature, because it would automatically find the best place for you to make words with what tiles you had to work with for you. This was great also for blocking your opponent. It seems the dictionary could use some updating, because some words I tried to use, which I know are regularly used in everyday speech would be disqualified. Hasbro needs a lesson in post-modern lexicon. Still, it is a pretty fun adaptation of Scrabble, but I think I’ll be sticking to the analog version.