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Trivia Machine Reloaded

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

While this trivia game was not much to look at or listen to, it was addictive and fun as all get-out! It was a real challenge to pick my brain for answers to questions about certain topics, and find out just how out of touch I was with pop culture, but I was right on with current events, science, history and geography. You get 20 chances to screw up, but the more questions you get right, the longer the game will last. I saw some players with scores in the 1,000,000 plus range on the global scoreboard. I had only played for an hour, but I was glad to see that I never got the same question twice, and I sometimes felt like a real idiot for not know things about certain bands or TV shows, but hell, I grew up in the 80s, so maybe I should go play The 80s Game with Martha Quinn, which is another great trivia game. There really is nothing trivial about holding onto all that great information in your head, and when someone is amazed that you can ramble off your driver’s license or credit card numbers and expiration dates without looking at them, you just chalk it up to using a little part of your brain that they hadn’t. So use that little section now, and play Trivia Machine Reloaded, but try not to stay up all night doing so. It is so easy to do!

Trivia Golf

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Fun Factor:★☆☆☆☆ 

So take a day on any one of your favourite beach golf courses, and imagine you have to line your shot up, then you have to answer some random trivia question before you can take the shot. Your question’s difficulty is based on how far you want to hit the ball. The closer you get toi the putting green, the more difficult the questions become, and if you’ve grown up with North American culture, many questions won’t make sense to you, since apparently, whomever came up with them is British. Once you do get to the putting green, you have to do some kind of matching quiz to see how many strokes your short game will take.

Sniglet of the Day : September 19

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Sniglet Of The DayJackasks: People who ask questions that they already know the answer to.

We don’t know why they do it, and we might even be the ones who are doing it, but the world seems to be populated by multitudes of jackasks. Maybe they are wanting to clarify a fact. Maybe they are just smug, annoying pests that love getting the best of people whom the regard as being more knowledgeable than they are. Jackasks have been around since we could speak. For all we know, they might have been around long before humans existed. If the theories of highly intelligent dinosaurs is proven, then there most likely were jackasks as far back as the Mesozoic Era, or before even that.

Jackasks are always going to be around, so we’d best just get used to them. We could try to be clever enough to trip them up in their own game, and that might make them cool their jets for awhile. It could, but it most likely won’t. No matter what subject you put out there, from politics to sports to science, you will find a jackask in every situation. Don’t be the jackask that everyone is trying to avoid.

Let’s get it started in here…

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This is a project I’ve been wanting to take on for quite some time.  It seems that the corporate food companies have been poisoning us for decades using  altered corn-based products and sweeteners.  Maize is not under attack here, for it has been a staple grain crop in the Americas for millenia.  The alterations came only recently within the last few decades, and with that, the poor alteration of our bodies and our lack of energy.  What I want to address here is ways to get away from the damage that they might have already caused to millions of what could be normally healthy people across the globe.  It’s time to educate the world about altered maize and other low cost additives and how they have caused what used to be our nutritionally sound diets to spiral out of control.