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Battleship (2012) The Battle for Earth Begins at Sea

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In 2005 we found a world that could sustain life. In 2006 we tried to contact them. In 2012 they came to visit us. That is the basic setup for this film that is based off an old classic game called BATTLESHIP. In the game you are not able to see the opponents board but you both have the same number of assets in play. Each turn the player will select a point on a grid to see if they hit a ship or not. If they do hit they insert a red peg into that point to signify a hit. It takes several pegs to totally sink a battle ship. The movie, while a science fiction film, does follow that premise in how the battles are fought. The big difference is that when a ship is sunk you get to see spectacular explosions that send bits and pieces of ships all over the ocean. They are massive explosions and actually proportional to the rounds and charges that are being used. We even get to see a real battleship from times gone past enter the fight to save the day.

Alien : In space no one can hear you scream

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The film that scared audiences and home viewers for years is also the first serious science fiction world from world renowned director Ridley Scott. It was ground breaking for its time and is still thrilling people even now. It is one of those iconic films that will stick in your hear forever. No one who has seen the film can forget the scene where the Alien first shows itself or when the facehugger first attached itself to crewman Kane (John Hurt) after they found the huge massive ship on the deserted planet. This film is attracting new viewers all the time.

Behemoth (TV 2011)

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Syfy channel aired one hell of a movie on Saturday January 15th 2011 that is totally action packed. Syfy has finally gotten the Saturday monster movie right for a change, so if you’ve got a spare couple of hours on the weekend in between gaming and reading, check it out. It was a believable film as far as science fiction goes and even threw in some ancient legends to explain how cultures in the past just vanished over night. The script was well written and the acting was tremendous.

Behemoth stars Cindy Busby from Heartland and The Vampire Diaries , Michael Adamthwaite from New Moon, Ed Quinn from Eureka and Gary Chalk, from Stargate SG1. Director David Hogan takes this cast and others as well as us on a wild adventure in the north western mountains. One of the mountains starts to rumble and the locals fear that the mountain is about to go volcanic but it is far worse then that. The only person in the town that has a solid clue or theory about what is happening is the town loon played by William B. Davis.