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Review:Cake Mania: To the Max

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Fun Factor:★★☆☆☆ 

Cake Mania has become a mainstay among many time-management games, and so far there have been six titles in this series. I was looking forward to the 80s themed version of this game, but the gameplay itself left much to be desired. In past Cake Mania games, when you finished out a workday, that was the end of the level. If Jill met her goal within the day, great! You got to help her finish the workday until closing, and keep the extra cash for shop improvements. Not so with this version. Once the day’s sales goal is met, the level cuts off, leaving you with a paltry sum which is very little to spend improvements on, let alone a shop full of Punks, New Wavers, Valley Girls, and Shopoholics. I was playing the untimed version, but even then, I would have preferred to have Jill finish out her workday. The improvements she can purchase are needed to keep with with the demands, but the goals are too low for her to meet them. Perhaps I should have played the timed version, but the untimed version was rather unfulfilling, unlike Jill’s cakes.