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Sailor Moon Super S

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SailorMoonSuperSSailor Moon Super S is the fourth season of Sailor Moon. This time, the girls are fighting a new enemy. The new enemy is The Dead Moon Circus. They came to earth to find the holder of the golden mirror and find a white horse named Pegasus. The holder of the golden mirror is Rini. Rini meets Pegasus in her dreams. The leader of the Dead Moon Circus is Queen Nehellenia.

Sailor Moon Super S: The Video Game

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Fun Factor:★☆☆☆☆ 

I loved watching Sailor Moon, but this game, not so much. There is a Sailor Moon game for PSone, and I have to say one thing about this game. WTF am I looking at?The way I’m seeing it, it looks like a old Mortal Kombat from the Super NES. The gameplay like a Super NES and the graphics looks like Super NES. The character runs really show how bad it is. They move like frogs. Punches, kicks, and their special powers are really bad, as well. The graphics does not look 32-bit. This game looks like a 16-bit game. The characters look too skinny. The opening was alright, but it was not good. I like did the Final Fantasy VII opening much better than this.