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Peter Pan (2003)

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One of the best versions of the childhood classic to date. It feels more alive and more like the feelings you would have as a child when you view this film. It is a true masterpiece of family entertainment with action, romance and just plain fun with pixie dust. You even get to see the truly devious nature of the little fairy that every child loves, so be prepared to tell your little princesses that everything is going to be alright. Tinkerbell is not all fun and loving, she is a jealous imp that would even participate in murder to keep Peter Pan (Jeremy Sumpter) all to himself. If you think about it Pan has his Hook and Wendy has her Tinkerbell, both Captain Hook (Jason Isaacs) and Tink want to see their rivals dead and gone so they can never bother them again. If you don’t believe me then watch the film and read the book to see for yourself how much of a little devil she really can be.

Wing Commander : The Movie (1999)

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When this film came out everyone hated it for no good reason. The critics because it was not Academy material and the gamers because it compressed stuff from the first 3 games into the screen adaptation. Adaptation, when you take many different parts of a whole to make a representation for easier consumption. The film as itself is quite good with fast paced action, drama and plot twists that you would love in other films. Forget that this is based off a video game and see it for what it is, a space drama with enemies, heroes and stumbling blocks. All the things you want for a great film. When looked at in that light this is a wonderfully brilliant film that you will want to see over and over for its content and story.