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Sniglet of the Day: June 8

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Sniglet Of The DayThe Lags n. A symptom of a type of frustration that can happen whenever work or play involves dealing with the Internet. This is often caused by having a weak connection to the Net. It is more likely to happen in rural areas, since service providers tend to not take the needs of rural customers seriously, even though there might be that farmer’s daughter who is a geeky gamer, and spends her weekends playing World or Warcaft or Guild Wars. It can also happen at work when a credit/debit card line is being very slow due to overuse, especially at a business’ peak transaction time, such as a fast food or pizza place on a Friday night. This can also occur on various order-taking apparatus due to the same thing.

Sniglet of the Day : October 25

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Sniglet Of The DayPassholes – definition, People that pass you while driving then pull in front of you and then slow down (slower than you were driving)

They just seem to be everywhere on the roads, and there is no avoiding the passholes. For some reason, they must think the place they were heading to might not be there when they arrive, ala ID4:Independence Day “What, you think we get to Washington and it won’t be there?”…. response: disturbing stare. The thing is with passholes, they don’t just zip past you, and keep on zipping down the road. No, they like to pass you, then scoot right in front of you and then drives slower than you were going. Are they being a tease, and are they trying to teach you a lesson on road safety? Are they just being jerks, and are they making fun of you while you attempt to pass them, and thus make you become the passhole? They tend to be more common on highways and interstates than on city streets, but there will never be truly any kind of avoiding them. Until we get faster and safer rails and more rail service to rural areas, the passholes are going to keep hitting the streets, so good luck out there. You are going to need it.