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Guild Wars 2 Hall Of Monuments

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For those that do not know what the Hall of Monuments is, it is a special way to be able to link Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 together. This was done like this because the game takes place 250 years after the end of the first game and the stories that are used in Guild Wars Beyond. With it being so far in the future or after the first game you definitely can not have the same character from the first but you can use some of the achievements of your Guild Wars character in the sequel MMO. You access those achievements in the Hall of Monuments at The Eye of the North.

Highlander: The Search For Vengeance

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Born in the 2nd century BC, Colin has been chosen to be the tribes new leader and one of his first acts is confront the Roman Legion that is at the edge of the clan’s lands. Those troops are lead by Marcus Octavius, a general who feels that he is above everyone and doesn’t care what anyone thinks. He feels that since he is immortal that he should be ruling the whole of the world and this conflict in England is just a small step in that grand plan. We don’t know how old he really is only that he said he had been around for hundreds of years before the invasion of the lands held by the clan that Colin is leading. It is not till a century later that Colin is accepted in Clan MacLeod and takes on the full name of Colin MacLeod.