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Keepers of Dryandra

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

While the overall game of Keepers of Dryandra was fun, and you would want to keep playing it to find out what happens next in the story line, the graphics were poor, and could really have used more polish. In this match 3 game, you have a team of six very different neko-type people that each have different things they can do when they get their power-ups. Each of these critters has a colour that coordinates to them on the match 3 puzzle board. Isabel, in blue, puts up a shield to protect the team from monsters. Amber, in green, uses plant attacks on the monsters. Siris, in black will turn more random stone black on the board, thus speeding up the process to attack monsters. Tiffany, in pink, uses the same power as Siris, but instead turns random stones on the board pink. Kurt, in brown, causes rockslides, which slow down the attacking monsters, and Kourtney, in grey, destroys rows of stones with her electric guitar. A pretty diverse group, with diverse personalities, from nerd to goth to princess to rocker. They keep the story interestesting, and this will make you want to continue on along with the team as they journey out of their kingdom to find out where the monsters are coming from and who is sending them. At first, you will find them fighting lots of giant bugs, and some spiders, but the monsters get scarier as they go along.

Rescue Team

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

The city of Islandville has been hit by a rash of freak storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, and the people who live there have their routes cut off by downed trees and rockslides. Bring in the Rescue Team! Your little band of rescue workers are going to go out and clear the way, rebuild homes, and get that chopper in the air to help those citizen that got trapped while searching for higher ground. You might even have to rescue some of your own Rescue Team workers as some of them have gotten trapped by debris and downed trees as well. Use the wood you find to rebuild homes, a sawmill, and beach cafe’s that provide your team with food to keep them going strong.