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Prometheus : The search for our beginning could lead to our end

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This is a movie with many mixed signals, and with a little net research, got mixed reviews, from professional critics to regular movie-goers, and my own reaction is going to be somewhere left of the middle. Stunning graphics, leaden pace, and characters with too many hidden agendas and bad attitudes, plus flat performances. While I am up for the mystery of the origin of human life, and I find anthropology and archaeology fascinating, right from the beginning, this movie created more questions than it answered.

Alien : In space no one can hear you scream

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The film that scared audiences and home viewers for years is also the first serious science fiction world from world renowned director Ridley Scott. It was ground breaking for its time and is still thrilling people even now. It is one of those iconic films that will stick in your hear forever. No one who has seen the film can forget the scene where the Alien first shows itself or when the facehugger first attached itself to crewman Kane (John Hurt) after they found the huge massive ship on the deserted planet. This film is attracting new viewers all the time.