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Review: From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)

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From Dusk Till Dawn is about 2 brothers, criminals, and how they interact with people to get what they want. Now I know that sounds simplistic but that does not account for the plot twists along the way. Lets look at the 2 brothers, one is a homicidal sex offender and the other is a professional thief who only kills if he has no other choice. This in itself could make for an interesting film but more wrinkles are added to the mix as the 2 brothers try to get across the border to Mexico where they can get away from the law.

Next we have a family of three, a father, his son and his daughter. They are on the run from themselves. The father, he is a minister who has lost his wife and is not mad at God and does not want to let go of that hate. The son thinks it is all a grand adventure while the daughter is a bitchy brat who wants to sit by the pool and have everything handed to her. Both families wind up at the same motel which causes them to have to deal with one another whither they like it or not and not is what they don’t like.