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Doom 3

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Doom 3 is one of the best horror games in America. In Japan, Silent Hill, Resident Evil and Castlevania are the best horror games. Doom 3 is really dark and you will jump like crazy. This game is way better than Resident Evil.

In this game you are on Mars and you are working with the UAC. UAC is the abbreviation for Union Aerospace Corporation. In this game, you are going to Mars for a mission. In your mission is you must find a scientist and him back to Sarge. Thing didn’t turn out right, though. The scientist was working on the Hell Gate. The Hell Gate went loose and spirit demons came out like crazy. One of the spirit demons went and took the scientist’s soul and he got turn into a zombie. The other spirit demons took over the other UAC workers and UAC guards. Now you must survive and kill these demons from Hell and you must get yourself off of Mars before you will die in Hell.