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Resident Evil 6

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Fun Factor:★☆☆☆☆ 

Resident Evil 6 is very badly made game. I played the demo version and I hated it so much. The graphics are a little bit glitchy. The reason why is because the our American flag is upside down. I was playing as Leon. I had to get out of some kind building, and when I went outside, I see a zombie crasher party.

When I looked around to get out, I saw our American flag is upside down. This game isn’t green any more. It looks more clear now. Resident Evil 5 should really need it. That is a good thing about these graphics. The graphics in this game do not look finished. This game isn’t looking as bad as Moblie Suit Gundam: Crossfire did. Capcom should have worked on it a little bit longer.

Resident Evil 4

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resident evil 4
Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Resident Evil 4 is great game to play and it is a game of year of 2005. 2005 had lots of very good games back then. This game came out the same time when Soul Calibur III came out. This is the first Resident Evil 4 game I played of the series. I never play the Resident Evil games until I played this one. I just watched the Resident Evil movies. I think the movies are better because it has some more action than the games.