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Metal Tornado (2011) Made For TV

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Metal-Tornado-2011-DVD-CoverThe tag for the film is “Nothing Can Prepare You For This” and boy is that the truth. This film stretches the realm of Science Fiction almost to the breaking point as they try to convince you that it is possible to create a magnetic storm that acts like a tornado. On top of that the visual effects are so fake that you wonder what the magnetic metal tornado was even based on. The only tornado effect that looked right was the one that was produced in the holo field that one of the researchers was using and even that unrealistically created a living storm that killed the researcher. This film was so bad that my son decided to wash dishes instead of sitting through such a bad Sci-Fi film. I personally think that a 1950’s or 1960’s film production company would have been able to make this film better and they didn’t even use computers back then to make films.

Turbo Subs

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

This is the second installment of the Turbo series from Oberon Games, and it it is far superior to the first in many ways. Rebecca and Robert have gotten out of town to a Big Apple vacay to visit with Rebecca’s rich aunt Rhonda, whom sets them up with a new challenge and an old subway car. She was so impressed with their success with Turbo Pizza, that now they are running Turbo Subs!They are now in a service on the go sub shop, and the customers are far different from the ones they met at home. Artists, businesspeople, tourists, street musicians and more are riding the trains all day long, and are very pleased to have such a tasty surprise on their train, but that is not all!