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Sniglet of the Day: November 26

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Sniglet Of The DayPolitricks—This word, also added to the OED a few years back, is a good replacement for “political dirty tricks” of the Nixon years.

Even though the Nixon years are far behind us, politricks are still going on, and it seems that those whom are using them do not even realise it when it happens. It seems the media does not either. All these committees that bring nothing to pass to make things better, when they are really not trying to. “We could not reach a compromise,” seems to translate to “We’ll play ball when it’s in our court, and our team is winning.” This stalemate stubbornness is just another form of politricks. It seems that two can’t play that game, since the whole thing needs to be called a foul, and all the team members need to be replaced. How do we avoid politricks? Check the listings for your candidates in your state and town, find all those not running from the two teams, and create your own team that will blow the other ones away. The analogy is not that odd, but if we can get the old players out of the game, then the whole country can win again. Vote REF, NPA, Green, etc. It’s been working for Parliament since 1701. Maybe we should give it a try.