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Star Fox: Adventures

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Star Fox Adventures
Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Star Fox: Adventures is like Legend of Zelda. So, this Star Fox game is a RPG game. This game about Fox going to a planet call Dinosaur Planet. The people of the planet are scared everywhere. If Fox doesn’t do anything about it, they will be doomed. One more thing Fox has to do is finding the five Krazoa Spirits to free a young lovely woman. Her name is Krystal, and I think Fox is in love with Krystal. He has to finish he mission first before he can date her.

This game is set eight years after Star Fox 64. In the beginning of the game you will play as Krystal for a little while, then you will play as Fox in the rest of the game. Later on in game, Fox will meet a new friend. His new is Tricky. Tricky is a Centrosaurus and he is a prince of the EarthWalker Tribe. His mother told Tricky he needed help Fox to put the planet back together. Could Fox fix the planet? Find out when you are playing Star Fox: Adventures!