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Duke Nukem 3D

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Duke Nukem 3d
Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Duke Nukem 3D is a old classic game from the 90’s. This is only on the PSone, PC, and Nintendo 64. PC version is better than PSone and the Nintendo 64. This game is better than Duke Nukem Forever. In Duke Nukem 3D, you can have a jet pack, projective boots, and 7 different weapons instead of 2 weapons. This game has lots of girls, exploring, and butt-kickin. This game got lots of sexual content, blood, and gore.


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Warhawk_usa_ps3When I got Warhawk for the PlayStation 3, I thinking it was going to be like the PSone version. TThe first time I played this game there was no single player at all. This is a online game. This game doesn’t have a storyline. This game is like Quake III Arena. Quake III Arena didn’t have a storyline, either.

I like to play online games like Guild Wars or other RPG games, Call of Duty, and Soul Calibur but, this game you are just Shooting targets and facing against your friends, that’s it. There no fun that. This game need storyline. There other online games have storylines and this needs it. This game is a third-person shooter, not a first-person. The graphics in this game are pretty good for old PS3 game. The graphics kind remind me of Quake 4. Quake 4 is only for the XBOX 360, but this game came out after Quake 4 and this game is only for the PlayStation 3. The gameplay is ok. It runs like Star Wars: Battle Front, but this came out after Star Wars: Battle Front and Star Wars: Battle Front is only for PlayStation 2. I would rather play Star Wars: Battle Front than this game. Star Wars: Battle Front had a storyline.

R4: Ridge Racer Type 4

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R4: Ridge Racer Type 4 is only for the PSone, but this game has better graphics than Ridge Racer and Ridge Racer Revolution. This came to American in 1999 and came out in Japan around 1998. This one is my third favorite Ridge Racer game. I like this one better than Ridge Racer, Ridge Racer Revolution, and Ridge Racer 64. This game is all about choosing a team you go with and help them winning the championship. The team you can chose are the Americans, Japanese, French, and Italian. I chose the Japanese because they have better cars than the other teams.

This game has some activities, as well. The activities are Grand Prix, time attack, and VS. battle. The Grand Prix is like the story mode. If you are trying to learn how to play the game, try go to time attack. If you play on time attack, you will learn the controls in this game. There are no directions how to play, but if you keep on practicing on time attack, you will get better at the game. You are already know Vs. Battle. VS. Battle is about racing against your friends or family members. I already race against my friend once and I got him upset because I win, but I always say to him it is just a game.

Ridge Racer V

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Ridge Racer V is the first game on the PlayStation 2. The graphics looks much better than the PSone version and the Nintendo 64 version. The gameplay is a lot smoother than the PSone and Nintendo 64. This is not an Arcade game, not any more. This game has a story line in it. This game is about racing the 5 tournaments. You have to come in first place in each race you are in. The controls are easier than in the PSone version. This is my second favorite Ridge Racer game. I like to play a lot.

I love playing this game because I like to drift. You will get to drift quite a bit in this game. I love drifting. Drifting is a more fun than a driving tour. The graphics is way better than the PSone. The PSone graphics are too blocky. I love the details of the cars and I like the winning girl in this game. You get the winning girl in the opening. The winning girl is not 2D any more. You get to see her in 3D. This winning girl looks like one those female characters from Soul Calibur. Well, this game is done by NAMCO, and NAMCO did Soul Calibur as well.

Castlevania:Lament of Innocence

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Castlevania: Lament of Innocence is one my favorite Castlevania game. This game is only for the Play Station 2 not PSone. This is not using the 2D graphics no more. This one is have 3D graphics and it look way better than the PSone and the older Castlevania games. The Nintendo 64 version is okay but this one is pretty good. The controls have gotten a little bit changes but the controls is little bit easier. This one is set in the Middle Ages. This game is about a crusader knight name Leaon is looking for a vampire named Walter. Walter kidnapped his lover and his lover’s name is Sara. She was kidnapped by Walter, so it is up to Leaon to defeat Walter.