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Sniglet of the Day : April 26

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Sniglet Of The DayIgnoranus – A person who’s both stupid and an asshole.

Everyone has encountered an ignoranus. No matter if you are a kid in the schoolyard, or the leader of the happiest, most productive nation on Earth, there is no escaping the ignoranus. This is the person who is always wrong, not matter how he or she tries to state the “facts”. Every workplace has at least one. This is the person you don’t want to be on a business flight with, or share a project with. This could be anyone from an obnoxious, arrogant guy who thinks the world won’t survive without him, to the high-maintenance woman who freaks when her manicure gets chipped. This could be the the bully on the school playground or the poor little rich girl who keeps getting everything she wants and keeps rubbing it in other kids’ faces. The world could certainly use less of these kinds of creatures, and be a much happier place, but the ignoranus is here to stay. If by some miracle, a Skyline -type of event occurs, and aliens take only ignoranuses, it would be great to see the outcome from both sides. Earthlings would be greener, healthier, and happier, and the aliens would destroy themselves from so much infighting due to the flawed content of their new components. Most likely won’t happen, so we are stuck with the reality, and will carry on the best way we know how.