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Sniglet of the Day : April 1

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Sniglet Of The DayMAGNAGRAM (mag’ nuh gram) n. Any sign that takes on a new meaning when a magnetic letter falls off.

Magnagrams are something that can occur anywhere, but one usually tends to see them on fast food marquees or those big display signs outside of remote liquor stores just over the county line from dry counties. What the owners or managers intended to sell to the world becomes a completely different thing when a letter falls off. Given the state of mind of the reader, it could be something simply amusing to completely profane. Are you tempted to tell the management of their accidental faux pas, or do you want to just let it slide to see how many more letters might fall off and make an even weirder message. Sometimes those letters might not slide off completely, they might get tilted or turned upside-down. Not matter how the letters might fall, the makeshift advertising becomes even more fun if a wise prankster can access the sign and rearrange the letters for something fun and deranged. This is especially funny if the sign is in front of a church that has a reputation for being stuffy and overly straightlaced. If you have the means to create a magnagram, do so, and see what kind of fun you can create.