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Lord of the Rings Online

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When I first logged into LOTRO a few years ago, it was stunningly beautiful in many ways, and true to the Tolkien books. The maps were accurate, even though some places were hard to find when questing. There was no real guide to tell you where quests where, so you had to hunt them down, sometimes going out of the game and using player made coordinate maps of the areas. They were broken down accordingly, from West to East, at the time. The first chapters of the game was Shadows of Angmar, which was the home of the Witch King. You started off playing as one of the Free Peoples of Middle Earth. Human, dwarven, elvin, or hobbit. Elves and dwarves started the game in Ered Luin, the westernmost region, with the Elvin area in the very west, and the Dwarven area in the north in Thorin’s Hall. There were many quests to take on just in Ered Luin alone, dealing with factions of Dourhand dwarves, goblins, some undead, and some fiercely territorial wildlife. The hobbits started in the Shire, where their enemies were few, but some Dourhands and Greybeard influence had come in from the West. There were some goblins and many wolves, bears, and giant spiders to fight, plus some human outlaw bands that were scattered in remote parts of the Shire. The Shire’s influence can be seen also in the northern region of Evendim. Human’s started in a small town north of Bree called Archet. To the south of Archet was a section of ruins that had been taken over by a band of outlaws called the Balckwolds. The Blackwolds and the Southerns where the main human bandits in the Bree-lands. Also, the Bree-lands is where we first find giants, and orcs, plus the many undead of the Barrow-Downs and the angry trees of the Old Forest where we also found the world’s oldest, and merriest creature, Tom Bombadil.