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Why do Christians believe that their God is somehow superior to the pagan God(s) ?

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This article was originally posted on Quora by Jonathan Kirk Davis an member of the U.S. Marine Corps

Jonathan Kirk Davis - QuoraThis really should be asked as “How is monotheism different than polytheism?”

To Christians (as well as Islam, Hebrew tradition, Zoroastrianism, Tenrikyo, Shaivism and Sikhism) there is a belief that all the processes of the universe were caused or set in motion at least, by one all powerful being. The different beliefs differ on the motivations of this being and the ways in which this was done and what we are supposed to gain from it. What they all agree on is that, above everything else there is one supreme being that is responsible for everything else.

In polytheistic faiths there usually is a finite limit to individuals gods. Gods can be born and be killed and therefore are not outside of the nature of time, as the monotheists believe. They have powers that are separate and individual, which means that they are not “infinite” in nature. They are also separate entities and are divided, giving us the premise of “poly”-theism and multiple gods as apposed to the unity of a single “mono”-theistic God.