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News And The Economy And Politics

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We are seeing more and more on the news lately that everything is getting better. We see the DOW almost hit 13,000 and they say that things are getting better. While it might be getting better for the rich it shore as hell is not getting better for the over 50% of Americans that are in poverty We hear how jobless claims are falling but how much of that is in the fact that people are just plain giving up when there are no jobs to be had. Sure things are getting better if you live in the bubble that the greedy inconsiderate rich live in. For them everything is hunky dory and they could give a damn what you or I might think or actually have to deal with. So is the economy getting better? That depends on your perspective and your wallet or pocketbook.

Sniglet of the Day : September 19

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Sniglet Of The DayJackasks: People who ask questions that they already know the answer to.

We don’t know why they do it, and we might even be the ones who are doing it, but the world seems to be populated by multitudes of jackasks. Maybe they are wanting to clarify a fact. Maybe they are just smug, annoying pests that love getting the best of people whom the regard as being more knowledgeable than they are. Jackasks have been around since we could speak. For all we know, they might have been around long before humans existed. If the theories of highly intelligent dinosaurs is proven, then there most likely were jackasks as far back as the Mesozoic Era, or before even that.

Jackasks are always going to be around, so we’d best just get used to them. We could try to be clever enough to trip them up in their own game, and that might make them cool their jets for awhile. It could, but it most likely won’t. No matter what subject you put out there, from politics to sports to science, you will find a jackask in every situation. Don’t be the jackask that everyone is trying to avoid.

Stupid Politics

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I really don’t get it. I really don’t. The United States is supposed to be about the people and for the people but instead lately it is all about corporate greed and how much a politician can make and how much they can control the lives of people. That is just down right wrong and I wish I had the money to be able to get in the arena with them and try and make some difference. The problem is that if a person is flush with money they really don’t see and sometimes don’t even care about what is happening around them. The only way I see things really changing is if the entire house and senate were emptied and then everyone wanting to run was forced to use public funds and not one cent of anything donated directly to the person running or the party that they belong to. The playing field needs leveled again if this country is going to get straightened out.