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The House Bunny : Brains. Beauty. Bravery. These girls got it all… They just don’t know it yet.

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Okay, so The House Bunny is not the most dramatic or classiest movie out there, but it is lots of fun, and maybe even a little empowering. Shelley Darlingson (Anna Faris) started life as an orphan, had an awkward childhood, until she hit her teens, then suddenly, she blossomed into every man’s fantasy, beautiful, blonde, and vapid. She left Florida to live out her dream in Beverly Hills as a Playboy Bunny. So, now she has a sweet life living at the home of most every man’s dream, and the magazine foots the bill for everything she wants. She wants to be a Playmate centerfold, and feels when she reaches that goal, she’ll be at the top of her game. Fate, and a hateful Bunny, Cassandra (Monet Mazur), have other plans for her.