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Heavenly Sword

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heavenly_swordHeavenly Sword is really good. The graphics are really great and as the game play as well. This game is about a woman name Nariko wield the sword call heavenly sword and use the destroy the evil king Bohan. Some of these character you see in this game look like Hollywood actors. Anna Torv is playing Nariko. She played in a show called Fringe. I never headed about that show. Andy Serkis is playing King Bohan and he played in The Lord of the Rings and Rise of the Planet of the Apes. This game makes you keep on playing the game. This is one of the epic fantasy I ever played. This game is something to enjoy. The graphics in this game looks really real life. I love what they did to graphics in this game. The people who made this game took them 5 years to make this game. This game was going to on the XBOX 360 but, instead they put the Play Station 3. I like it on the Play Station 3 because Play Station 3 have better graphics than the XBOX 360. The gameplay look really good. When you are playing this you will play another character named Kai.


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DOA2 is known as Dead or Alive 2. This game was only for Play Station 2 and Dreamcast. I like the Play Station 2 better than the Dreamcast. I played the Dreamcast version at my friend’s house and I did not like the controls at all. I like the Play Station 2 version better because the graphics are better and the controls are easier for me. I love playing this game over and over again because I like to play those 5 cute, sexy girls in this game. The 5 cute, sexy girls are Kasumi, Ayane, Tina, Leifang, and Helena.

Star Wars Battlefront II

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Star Wars Battlefront II is one of best selling Star Wars game of all time. That was back in 2005 when Soul Calibur III was out. This one is first and third person shooter game. I always play first person because like it in close combat. This game is kind of like Call of Duty, but you are not looking down the scope of a gun.

This game is based on the Star Wars movies. You have two teams battling each other in this game. One is the good side and other is on the Dark side. They are like American politics. The Democrats are the Jedi and Republicans are on the Dark side of the Force. The good side has clones and the rebels. The dark side has the droids and the stormtroopers. The graphics in this game looks close to Play Station 3 and XBOX 360, but it only on the Play Station 2 and XBOX. The gameplay looks kind like Call of Duty, but Call of Duty did not have number on top of the screen.

WipEout HD and WipEout HD Fury

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

For anyone that loves racing games you are going to love this game from Sony and Studio Liverpool that lets you race far into the future. You are not using cars on conventional tracks, you are racing in a spaceship, almost like pod racing (for those that have seen Star Wars I). You have your choice of several different ships that you can use to race in with loads of different tracks. Each ship has its own strengths, some have better speed, some have better shields, some handle better and some have more thrust then other ships. Each type of ship is able to win the race, it just depends on how well you are able to control it and use its strengths to your advantage. If you haven’t guessed already you are racing in hover ships, race cars that float on air and race at great speeds along special track, you even race upside down at times. This is a fast moving game and with the Wipeout Hd Fury Addon you get even more tracks and opportunities to blow your opponent up. That’s right, you can get weapons to use against your opponents as well the possibility of getting speed boosts while you are out on the track competing.