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Pixie Pond

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FunFactor: ★★★★☆ 

Pixie Pond is pretty much as it is promised. Addictive, true, but most addictions tend to come from a nasty, but in this case, mediocre, source. The graphics in this Match 3 game were pretty basic, featuring creatures commonly found in fae stories like pixies, unicorns, gnomes, and such. When you get a match, the tiles cover with vines and stay locked, and the screen stays this way as you match up other creatures. If you stop, a clock ticks down 5 seconds, and the matches you have found are taken off the board, then replaced by new items. Some items are good to gain, like mushrooms, that match up an entire row. Storm clouds match up everything in eight direction in where they are chosen from, and rotating tiles will lock down everything like item on the board that matches it when it was clicked on. So this game is not your typical Match 3 setup. The main problem is the sound, or the lack of it. It is recorded very low, and when you can hear it is simple clinks and dings of bells. It could of at least been a little louder. There are many Match 3 games out there to try, so you might want to not bother getting wet in Pixie Pond.