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Dante’s Peak : A Sleeping Mountain Is About To Wake

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It was during the time that Hollywood was making all of the disaster films that set the bar for today that Dante’s Peak came into being. From the beginning of the film you would not think that there was going to be a lot of action or destruction going to happen in the film but like a volcano, the pace and story had to build for it to be truly amazing. Relationships developed and explained, heart ache and losses relived and hints at what was about to destroy everything. The way the film builds on itself to give you one hell of a show is amazing and here is the kicker, it was done with models. They didn’t use a bunch of fancy shmancy computer effects, they used tried and true models. The way that the models were shot and then cut in give the film more realism and many of its ground breaking shots actually show up in other films because they are just that damned good. Because it was actually real life explosions and props it made the film more realistic and in some ways even more horrific in what happens to the town, the mountain and its people.